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About Aaron Kocourek
Aaron Kocourek’s Personal Profile Aaron Kocourek was born in Manitowoc, Wisconsin and raised in Dickson and Franklin Tennessee. Aaron attended private schools in both cities and graduated from High School early at age 15. At age 13, Aaron Kocourek started a dot com which he quickly grew to a multi-million dollar company in less than 5 years. Aaron Kocourek decided at age 18 to sell his company and take over an internet marketing company located in southern Connecticut. Two years after taking over the company Aaron Kocourek had doubled the client list and increased revenues by over 750%. Aaron Kocourek enlisted in the United States Marine Corps 2 years after the beginning of Iraqi war and received an honorably discharged. After discharge, Aaron Kocourek started another online retail website; this time in an industry he had no experience in or knowledge of, Aaron Kocourek started it in Dickson, Tennessee. Within 6 months this online retail website, Aaron Kocourek started, was on track to hit revenues of $3+ million in its first year. After a year and a half of running the company he decided to sell off all of the companies’ assets due to the industry turning their back on their online retailers. Aaron Kocourek has since become the Chief Strategist for Reputation Advocate.

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